Monday, April 29, 2013

Please Read (if at all possible): The Girl Project

Please Read (if at all possible): The Girl Project by Kate Engelbrecht 

Being  a teenage girls is tremendously  hard in this  century. Your life is much more harder  than everyone , 
and nobody understands your problems and only the friends are the best ."The Girl Project" is very good example book of these girls lives.The author try to give us some ideas about the girls's lives. One-Hundred and sixty-four (13-18 years old )teenage girls are selected  to finish this project and they sent their pictures to show their lives with  disposable camera.Then they answered a thirteen question survey . The survey is about  what they like and what the plan for future. If you look at the book you can see very nice pictures of the girls and flowers .The author  put the all thirteen answers by their original handwriting , and no name with the pictures were mentioned. The most essential part of this book is original handwriting with misspelling words in all parts. Also it was sent extremely good  poems ,and short stories by that girls. These issues are explained that how these girls are strong ,ambitious and they make you think that they can reach to their all goals. The funniest part to me in this book is  most of them want to be photographer in their future. I really liked this book and I think  the adults can be much more open-minded for their teens . If you did not have the book yet,you can visit this website:

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