Sunday, April 28, 2013

Angel and Faith Daddy Issues by Christos Gage

Vampires are running the streets of London!  Angel and Faith are needed to save the city.  Drusilla, a vampire with psychic powers, has returned to London.  Angel is left to take on Drusilla herself, while Faith faces her father. 
Angel had killed all of Drusilla's family.  This is why she had such hard feelings for him.  Instead of turning on him and feeding on him for what he had done to her, Drusilla turned to God.  She was able to put all of her pain and misery behind her.  Now back in London, Drusilla wanted to help all of the other vampires who felt the need for revenge.  She thought that if she could turn to the light side and get rid of her bad feelings, they could too.
Faith ran into her father, who she did not have a good relationship with.  He told her that he was sober now and wanted to mend their relationship, but Faith did not want to.  Due to their not-so-good relationship, Faith's father knew nothing about what she did.  He didn't know that she faught off vampires.  When he was at her house, he saw the weapons she had and caught on pretty quickly.  It made him feel proud of what his daughter was doing.  

I would reccomend this book to youth who is interested in comics and vampires.  Some of the pictures are a little gory.  Personally, I did not enjoy this book.  I'm not into the whole vampire scene and the gore was a little much for me.  I would suggest no younger than high school just because of the violence in it.  I struggeled to read this because it was in comic form.  It made it difficult for me to follow and get into.  I also had a hard time following it because I have never seen any of these televisoin episodes or comics before.  I came to find out that this book was part of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.  This made it difficult to follow when I came into the book not knowing any prior information.

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Alexandra Klitz said...

Sounds interesting...
I'm not too into the whole vampire scene myself, but I don't mind gore and the artwork looks very well done...
I might have to check this one out