Sunday, April 28, 2013

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews

I love love this book!Me and Earl and the Dying Girl took me by surprise with its ability to make me laugh, cry and even get me mad.

 Greg Gaines a seventeen year old made it to his senior year of high school maintaining a unique group of friends but his only real friend is Earl until Rachel happens to appear. Greg and Rachel were friends when they were younger but haven't spoken in years, due to Greg’s attitude, but after Rachel is diagnosed with leukemia Greg's mother insists he hang out with her. And somewhere along the way Greg and Earl are roped into making a film for dying Rachel.

The book is, disrespectful, funny, relentlessly honest and at times almost hard to take. This isn't the typical romantic love story about a person with cancer.

The writing style in this book is to very easy, and easy to follow. I read this book in one sitting; it is so addicting that I was not able to put it down. The author offers an intense story but also, a funny story.

Greg Gaines although is a not a good character, because of his attitude is somehow easy to relate too, specially during the high school years. He is weird, as he calls himself, inconsiderate and unfeeling, but at the same time very funny. One thing that I didn’t like about him was how sometimes he treated people I didn't always like his choices. Earl is an extremely practical and well made character and very honest. Then there's Rachel, the dying girl. I found myself liking her but sometimes not too much. I truly believe her character, but I appreciated the fact although she was sick the author never illustrated her for the readers to love her simply because she has an illness.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl is very different, and at times a strange story that explores, awkwardness and how some young teens face life when it comes to growing up. This book is not for everybody. The story, has some strong content, that might not sit well in a school setting, I found the book very entertaining and engaging.

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mkorkmaz said...

This book's cover explain enough that is a funny book.That looks like really has strange and different story. Mostly, young adult like to read funny stories even the subject is sad ,they do not take it seriously at this age. Might be good for them.