Thursday, September 10, 2009

Welcome To Book Wind

Looking for a place to discuss young adult literature? You've come to the right place. Welcome to Book Wind.

What is the purpose of Book Wind? To provide a forum for readers to discuss ideas related to young adult literature. Ideas related to other literature are welcome, but young adult literature is the focus here.

This is the good news: you don't have to share an email address or any personal information in order to participate in Book Wind. You can participate simply by replying to any of the posts listed on this blog. Alternatively, if you would like to be an author on this blog, just add a comment stating your interest by clicking on the "comments" link below. I'll get you added to the blog as soon as I can.

Remember: all comments are expected to be in good taste. If necessary, disrespectful comments and posts will be removed from the blog.

That's enough for now. Wind up a book and make it run.


Alex H. said...

Professor Philion,
I'm unable to post anything. Forgot P.W. to previous e-mail.

Alejandra Hernandezr

Tom Philion said...

Please give me a call to discuss, Alex. Thanks.

schenieka hoskins said...

I'm having problems getting my blog published. When I sign in and go under dashboard to make a post, I am able to post only to my blog not bookwind. However, I can see and comment on others blogs.

Schenieka Hoskins