Thursday, April 2, 2009

Directions For Posting

Congratulations on making your way to Book Wind!
Once you have selected your texts for reading during Unit 2, you may begin reading and posting to the Book Wind blog.

For each book that you read, you should write a relatively short (250-500 word) book review.  Please include the following in your reviews:
  • An interesting hook or introduction to your text.
  • An efficient but detailed plot synopsis (please do not give away the ending, as this will alienate many of your readers!).
  • An evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, especially with regard to use in middle school or high school teaching, and also in terms of use in different content areas (history, math, phys ed, etc...).
  • At least 5 hyperlinks to text, audio, and video resources on the web that provide additional insight or information about contemporary issues that the text references or discusses. If you like, you may create and link to your own video or audio resource. Please privilege non-profit and academic links over more commercial or superfical ones.  Only one link to Wikipedia is acceptable in your review.  
  • A conclusion that critically suggests why it is important for teens and/or teachers to read the text (perhaps because of connections you see to other texts in YAL, or perhaps because of the useful insights it provides on adolesence and/or the world).  If you do not feel that it is important for teens and/or teachers to read your selected text, please say so and explain why the text lacks merit.  
In addition, please remember that you need to read and post at least 10 comments on the postings of your peers over the duration of the project. 

Good luck!