Monday, April 29, 2013

Looking for Alaska By John Green

Was there ever time in your life, when you felt emotionally empty inside? Did you ever fill that missing spot and had it empty once again? Miles Hunter felt that something was missing in his life and when on to search for what he called “The Great Perhaps”.
The story starts with Miles “Pudge” Halter, high school junior, originally from Florida. Pudge feel that something is missing in his life and decides that he wants to attend Culver Creek High School in Alabama.  One thing that makes Miles Halter special is that he is obsessed and can memorize the last words of famous people. In his first week at Culver Creek, Miles meet a unique and beautiful girl named Alaska. Alaska is known for being rebellious and spontaneous. As week passed, Miles becomes more attracted to Alaska. Miles finally thought that he had found that missing piece of his life, but a tragedy occurs that lives Miles even more confuse about his emotions and Alaska’s last thoughts.

Winner of the 2006 Michael Printz Award, John Green, is the author of this amazing novel.John Green has written several YA novels, including Paper Town, The Fault in Our Stars and many more. Besides being one of the most creative writers, he is also youtube Vlogger. I like how the author divide the book into two parts: the before and the after. It show the dramatic changes that Miles went through before meeting Alaska and after she was gone.

As of today, Looking For Alaska has been and is still being taught in many English High School classes. This novels presents the reader with various theme that could be explore in English class. I think many young reader could relate to the young love of Miles and Alaska. Though this novel contains more profanity language than Green's other novel, most high school student are mature enough to handle the language and sexual content in it.

Like Miles Halter, Green is also a big fan of last words of famous people. Here is short clip that proves his amazing ability:
Here is another short clip of Green's description of Looking For Alaska:

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Leslie Shambo said...

I came across a reference to this book in another review, as two of us were fortunate enough to read John Green's other book, The Fault in Our Stars. I am intrigued to read this book as well - it sounds like, death is a consistent theme in Green's novels, and I wonder if he experienced a traumatic death that he now chooses to explore through literature. His vlogs seem so upbeat and energetic, it is surprising that death seems to be so common in his writing.