Tuesday, April 30, 2013

PGS-small-burningblue-coverBurning Blue  by Paul Griffin

Nicole is the most beautiful , smart and  a  rich girl in the high school. Being the most popular in high school  put her in hard situation ,so other girls were jealous of her. Nicole did not have any problem with her life until one student splashed acid to her face. She  felt  so bad and life was getting harder and harder ,but nobody knows who did this and why. She start to go to the  therapy to get help. One day she met Jay  at the schooling counseling's private  office.  Jay  was a almost professional hacker ,and when he learned the story he decided to help her. The police officer could not find any information or anyone to solve the this case, so Jay wants to use his all skills to find the person. They were getting close  friends day by day and, Jay  was falling love with her ,but he did not know that she has the same feeling. Extremely romantic ,emotional  and powerful story between a hacker and  a traumatic girl . I really like this book ,and I would like to read again.

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Mon Petit Billet said...

This sounds like such an interesting book! I'm currently reading the host :)

Mon Petit Billet