Monday, April 29, 2013

Adventure Time Volume #1 created by Pendleton Ward and written by Ryan North.

As a HUGE fan of the cartoon Adventure Time with Finn and Jake on Cartoon Network you can understand my excitement when they announced that they were developing a comic book as well. Adventure Time follows the story of best friends/brothers Finn the Human and Jake the Dog and their adventures in the Land of Ooo where they fight bad guys, save princesses, and generally goof around. These best friends live in what we learn is a post-apocalyptic world where Finn is the only human among other humanoid and alien like creatures. His best friend and brother Jake is a talking dog who can stretch and morph his body into any shape imaginable.
This volume follows their fight against the evil Lich (the skeletal figure in the back of the many characters on the cover) and his quest to destroy the world and everything in it. Using the "Super Dangerous Bag of Holding" that is small on the outside but big enough on the inside to hold "everything" the Lich begins to suck up everything in the Land of Ooo. Naturally Finn and Jake rise to the challenge but quickly get sucked into the bag and end up place where they are surrounded by desert as far as the eye can see. The only other person in the desert world is the Desert Princess who just so happens to look like a pie with a face, arms, and legs. "Hey, you sure you're not Dessert Princess?" Jake says, Desert Princess replies, "No, I'm Desert Princess. It's on account of how I'm really good at sand. You wanna see?". She then proceeds to make a perfect, seemingly living replica of Finn out of sand who then pulls his own head off and lets his sand guts wash all over the real Finn and Jake. Volume one follows their search for a way out of the bag and their fight against the Lich.
The Adventure Time animated cartoon has a huge cult following that sits right along with all of the kids at the edge of their seats when Finn and Jake go on one of their adventures. This love of the animated cartoon from both adults and children alike is reflected in the comic book. Instead of exclaiming words like "cool!" and "sweet!" when they are excited Finn and Jake use math terms such as "asymptotic!" and phrases such as "This is totally math, dude!". This comic has a perfect blend of witty humor and fart jokes that will make anyone laugh at every turn of the page.
 One very cool aspect of the comic is the added commentary by the writer that can be faintly seen at the bottom of some of the pages. It was not until my second time through reading that I even noticed that the writer was speaking to the reader throughout the comic. For example, the infamous Ice King wants nothing else than to marry a princess, but he seems to think that in order to make his dream come true he must kidnap them and force them into marriage. When we see this happen in the comic the commentary on the bottom reads "PRO TIP: If you want to grow up to marry a princess, do exactly the opposite of whatever Ice King does! You'll be off to a TERRIFIC start".
My recommendation for anyone who is interested in reading this comic is that they watch a few episodes of the animated cartoon first. While a reader can absolutely pick up this comic without any prior knowledge of the cartoon and still understand everything that happens, I think that many of the jokes will be even funnier if you have a better acquaintance with all of the characters. After reading Volume #1 I quickly went out and purchased Volume #2 and I am waiting eagerly for the third to come out.  Below I have attached a short video clip from one of the episodes of Adventure Time to give you some perspective on the cartoon. GREAT read and GREAT show. Highly recommended.

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