Saturday, April 21, 2012


The short and humorous book, Whoogles, by Kendall Almerico and Tess Hottenroth is a quick compilation of interesting finds complimentary of the famous website, Google.  The book is basically a coffee table book so there isn't much substance and it's not very long.  It's pretty entertaining but at the same time makes you shake your head and think "what the hell are these people smoking?!"  It was also pretty obvious that the duo who wrote the book started writing it out of pure coincidence.

The book consists of different ridiculous Google searches that came up when the authors would type things into Google.  The book includes such gems as, "Do pirates have a code of ethics?" "Can farts kill you?" and "Can I sell my kidney?"  It definitely makes you wonder "who is looking this stuff up and why did they want to know these things?!"  Every page in the book is a different snippet that once had been searched in Google, and all of the searches vary in their hilarity.

Under the Google searches the authors write little footnotes responding to the anonymous inquirer in a pretty smart aleck-ish way.  Sometimes their responses are witty and funny and other times they leave a lot to be desired.  The fact that they tried to be funny in their responses, but sometimes failed, makes me feel like writing the book was a funny idea that they came up with out of the blue.  It's pretty obvious they aren't comedians and don't have much experience writing comedy.  Not that I'm judging, because I doubt I could do much better, but I felt it was something that the book was lacking.

I think it's a funny book that, like I said, is appropriate for a quick coffee table type read.  I really don't know that it's appropriate for "younger" young adults, but it's definitely a book that older high school and college age people (and of course, people older than that) would enjoy.  If you have a bit of a sick sense of humor and aren't easily depressed when thinking about how idiotic the human race can be, I would definitely recommend it!


Cessacolypse said...
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Cessacolypse said...

This kind of reminds me about that one website I used to thoroughly enjoy reading--MLIA: my life is average (.com). I'd recommend going to it now, but I'm pretty sure it's gotten pretty lame over the past year: it used to be a place for people to post awesome and weird things that they wind up doing [and that you wish you would do in your own life] every day, but now it's kind of been overrun with cliche Harry Potter jokes and talk about dinosaur chicken nuggets. Doesn't sound very lame, right? But wait till you read about those things over and over again....If you do want to check it out, I'd suggest looking at the older posts. The site kind of makes you wonder what the hell everyone was thinking, but you get slightly jealous at their awesomeness.

Sarah Rau said...

Haha, your last sentence made me laugh! This book sounds entertaining definitely...and I completely agree that while reading it, the reader just must not contemplate the extreme stupidity of some people. That cover question alone is outrageous! Still looks like an amusing book for sure and I definitely want to check if my library has it for me to browse through!

amykate208 said...

Haha exactly! It definitely reminds me of those website, like FML or MLIB, stuff like that. It was pretty entertaining I must say.

BookPaige12 said...

You've definitely got my attention! I have many times started typing in Google only to have it auto complete something odd, confusing and not at all what I wanted. This sounds like a hilarious book, even if the author's humor is sub-par. But I have to think, hasn't everybody searched something in Google because they would be embarrassed to ask someone but genuinely did not know the answer? No, just me? Oops..

Susan said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. Whoogles. I think it's funny enough that google has become an accepted verb in our language, now we have Whoogles. :) That's so funny.

I bet I would love this book because there's nothing better then that thing you read where you're like, "What the heck??!?!!? Who is this person?"