Sunday, April 22, 2012


Judging from the title itself this book will probably POP out instantly to the average "girly girl" in high school. However Carrie Harris brings a delightful story together that infuses the main character "KATE" and her football crush together. HOW AND WHAT HAPPENS IN BETWEEN WILL KEEP NOT ONLY ANY STUDENT ENGAGED BUT ALSO GROSSED OUT!! WHAT HAPPENS DURING THEIR INTERACTION WITH ONE ANOTHER, IS SIMPLY ENOUGH TO MOVE ANY GIRL FAR AWAY FROM HER HIGH SCHOOL CRUSH!

As I started to read the book on the first try I thought to myself perhaps, I should just pick another. I didn't think it would hold my interest because of the easy read. I also didn't take the plot serious but as I read further I turned into a 15 year old ALL OVER AGAIN! I used to read alot and one of my favorite comics included the (Night of the Living Dead)! This is what Carrie Harris has created again for a newer generation. Much comedy and grossness at the same TIME!

Long story short KATE is taken through a journey of events! She finds herself doing way more than what she bargains for. It starts off as a easy task but when Kate finds out her helping hand to assist the football team turns into a DEADLY chase she is withdrawn. However, what's most surprising is how I kept my attention throughout the book. Normally, with plots like this I can predict the end but CARRIE HARRIS does a good job with plot development. It's a loose read. Kate is chased by ZOMBIES and she wishes to save the team from killing one another and herself! The worst news regarding the football team is that if it wasn't for the COACH trying to help them cheat and placing them on (STEROIDS) so he thought no one would be in the predicament.

I would recommend this book to any young adult or even adult! It's a mixture of delight, suspense and comedy! But CARRIE HARRIS is the mastermind behind this & does a great job in keeping readers attention. ( The scientific methods that are mentioned in order for KATE to try to find a cure for the football team, raises a positive outlook on the field of medicine. Although this story focus on Zombies and silly things of that sort it has a positive enforcement of school.  (
For more information on Carrie and her life journey this website gives great sources. (


Cessacolypse said...

So...the whole football team is turned into zombies and the main character tries to find the cure, all while trying to keep from their grasp? The title made me think it would be something sexual...I bet you were surprised at the turnaround.

Sarah Rau said...

I love how you describe your experience reading it! First being uninterested and then sure enough feeling like a 15 year old all over again when getting further into the plot. That's the mark of a good young adult author if you ask me!