Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Sixth Gun - Book 1: Cold Dead Fingers

"You know, Sir, I do admire you and I sure would like to touch the gun that's 
gonna kill Billy the Kid." 

William H. Bonney said to a bounty hunter in a small tavern in New Mexico sometime around 1878. Said bounty hunter let Bonney hold his gun. Bonney pointed the barrel at him and announced he was Billy the Kid shooting him dead on the floor.

Though the above is from the 1988 film Young Guns, I can see how it somewhat relates to Cullen Bunn's collection of graphic novels falling under The Sixth Gun title; good guys against bad guys, shoot-outs, the spiritual references between the two, a damsel in distress, a whole bunch of people getting killed (the first chapter alone had the deaths of seven men, playing for both the good and bad teams) and of course, one - or in the case of this book, six, special guns.

Though I found no hidden messages or agenda in the graphic novel, it was surprisingly entertaining to read with the rather well done artistic work of Brian Hurtt. This work, in my opinion, is only for the use of entertainment purposes. Though I could see a instructor using it to try to gain the interest of a reluctant reader in class.

It is a Western, a super-natural Western, with ghosts and goblins and people who die, but really don't die. It has good guys and bad guys, and good guys who at one time were bad guys, and good guys who at one time were bad guys who at one time were good guys. See what I did there?

If the entire series was read, which it should be, most certainly the moral message of being true to yourself and true to others and true to your word would appear as it started to toward the end of book one.

Published in January 2011 by Oni Press and was a Harvey Award nominee for Best New Series. Bunn was nominated for Best Writer and Hurtt for Best artist. For those of you not in the know, The Harvey Awards are to those in the comic book and graphic novel industry what an Oscar is to those involved with film.

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