Monday, April 23, 2012

Liar's Moon by Elizabeth C. Bunce

I can say I love the moon and the title drew me to read Liar’s Moon by Elizabeth C. Bunce. It was written in
 November 2011 and it is sequel to “Star Crossed.” It is considered to be in the fantasy genre and but it can also be considered a mystery in that the main character becomes a detective and spy in order to solve a mystery murder case for a friend in prison.

In Liar’s Moon, the main character Celyn Contrare is the heroine of this fantasy story involving romance, magic, and mystery where she finds Durrel Decath in the same prison chamber as her. She is bailed out, by an unknown person, but promises to return and help Durrel, and old friend who helped her from drowning in the past.

This whole book revolves on finding out who murdered the wife of Durrel Decath. All evidence proves it is him, he married her by a huge year span where she could be his mother, the poison in his room, which was the same type of poison found in her body. However, Celyn does not believe that he was the murderer only because of the feeling in her guts. She has the power to see magic and when she goes about her search in the castle they lived in, she finds star dust on the walls of the room where the murder happened.

She goes about interviewing the daughter and son-Koya and Barris- of Durrel’s newly wed wife, Lady Decath, and she brings a good point by saying that “I had no experience investigating crimes; committing them yes, but never reconstructing them, piece by piece, backward in time” (Bunce 37). In this light, Celyn goes about searching for the truth behind the liar's moon, a place full of lies and mystery.

I feel this book is appropriate for the young adult audience but I feel it would attract female readers more because of the romance story behind it. Also, it reminds me of twilight and if you liked twilight I would recommend you read this piece. I am not a fan of twilight but I found this book enjoyable. It is long, it is 309 pages, but the read is fast and you get wrapped up with who the murderer was and trying to solve the case with Celyn. I was left with wonder though, if they will make a movie out of these sequels too?

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Anonymous said...

starcrossed & liars moon are both exceptional book that left me dying to find out the end.the other book that i have read a curse as dark as gold is what made my a fan of elizabeth bunces unique writing sytle & if you enjoyed liars moon you wil doutless love a curse as dark as gold & if you dont agree you can shod off.