Sunday, April 22, 2012

Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth

The graphic novel I chose to read was Evolution: The Story of Life on Earth, by Jay Hosler.  I thought was book was cute but it wasn't too childish.  It could definitely hold the attention of a young adult even though it's an illustrated/graphic novel.

For being someone who has never liked science because I'm not good at it, it was an easy read.  It made some of the science concepts that I always had trouble grasping a little easier to understand.  Hosler goes through the basics of the evolution of the earth, starting on a cellular level.  He goes through the evolution of the earth, the last 65 million years, the evolution and the extinction of the dinosaurs, Darwin's theories of both sexual and natural selection and intelligent design.

It was a quick and easy read with enjoyable illustrations and easy to follow concepts.  Hosler did a good job of flowing and connecting the concepts together.


Sarah Rau said...

I should probably get this book! I went to a very religious school throughout high school where they wouldn't dare to teach anything but creationism. Their extremeness caused any science that was even related to evolution to never be taught. I can respect religious beliefs, but they really did me a huge disservice by choosing to leave out all scientific information relating to the history of our earth. I've done enough research on my own to make up for that, but this book looks like a great and clear overview of that science!

amykate208 said...

It definitely is! I recommend it!

BookPaige12 said...

Out of curiosity- do you generally think of graphic novels as only for younger readers? I got that impression from your statement about it holding your attention "even though it is a graphic novel." I used to think along those lines but recently read Fun Home ( for an RU class which is definitely more adult. I think it might change your mind about graphic novels if you ever get the opportunity to read it! There is also a class being offered this summer which might be interesting to you- ENG 353-10

Susan said...

I am so NOT a graphic novel person, but I love science. Evolutionary theory is entirely fascinating to me, so I think I'll probably end up checking this book out.

I bet there's some good graphics in here for a high school biology class. You know, for the fun powerpoints and stuff. :)