Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Prank

As humorous and fun as they may seem; at what point are pranks no longer funny? How far can you take pranks before they go horribly wrong?

It was homecoming week at Bridgewater High.  It was Bridgewater vs. St. Philomena.  Jordan couldn’t wait to see her crush Charlie who she knew would be nominated for homecoming king along with Briony, one of the most beautiful girls in the senior class.  As they were called to the stage Briony was hit with water balloons from none other than their rivals from Philomena.  This leaves Briony furious and ready for revenge.  Let the pranking begin!
The Prank, by Ashley Rae Harris, tells the story of Jordan, a junior in high school who participates with Briony and a group of kids who begin pulling pranks to get even with St. Philomena.  Everything seems fine until their principal announces the following day that Carlos Perez fell of the roof of St. Philomena's and suffered great injuries.  The eerie part of it all is that each prank that they pull seems to follow up with terrible accidents where they hear the crying of a little girl.  As a result, this causes a big stir and prompts Jordan and her crush Charlie to begin to investigate the cause of the accidents.  But everything is not what it seems.  Could it be a ghost that is behind these terrible accidents? Will Jordan and Charlie be able to stop the pranks before it’s too late?  You will have to read to find out!
This was a quick read and I enjoyed it very much.  I would suggest this book for the reluctant reader who is interested in reading spookie ghost stories.


Tess said...

I think this book would be interesting for young adults. Just last week, all the seniors were talking about what kind of senior pranks they wanted to pull. I would have loved to have them read this book haha! I think this would be a fun and great way to get students excited to read. Fun plot are always great ways to engage readers. I would recommend this for some of the students I have met so far.

Jchacon said...

The line between funny and cruel is not always as thick as you'd like it to be. It seems to me that the real problem with pranks is the escalation that takes place with retaliation. The potential ghostly element in this novel sounds like it will add a very interesting twist. Since you say that it is such a quick read I may have to pick it up!