Monday, April 28, 2014

  Have you heard about the Donner Party? Well during the Westward Expanion, they were a group of people from Illinois headed for California in 1846. Nathan Hale’s book tells the story of the Donner-Reed party, focusing primarily on James Reed who told the group about a short cut that would save them more time but the short cut did the opposite. They get stranded in the snow and have used up all of their resources but who in their group will survive?

This book is a graphic novel; Donner Dinner Party is a great read for middle schoolers and high schoolers. The characters are detailed, and kids will love the executioner, who is funny! There are well-drawn maps that show their journal that can be taught in the classroom. It is a fast read but very informative.

I personally don’t like history but this book had me hooked! I love the graphics in the book. It was a page turner and had me wanting to learn more! Here is a documentary on the Donner party from the history channel. Which can be shown to the class after having them read the book. 

Like I mention I’m not a fan of the subject of history and most kids aren't into history either but this book will want them learning more! I found two great lesson plans for teachers to use when they teach about the Donner Party. Also here is a project that high schoolers did on the Donner Party.

This was my first Hazardous Tale from Nathan Hale, but it certainly won’t be my last. Here is his blog to find more of his Hazardous Tales. Stock this book in your classroom! You and your students are going to enjoy this story!

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