Monday, April 14, 2014

CONTROL by Lydia Kang

"Control" by Lydia Kang
          This book is a very thrilling and suspenseful that it makes people want to keep interested and reading more and more every time. At first it begins with two young siblings Zelia (Zel) a 17 year old and Dylia (Dyl) a younger girl. They are both living with their father and are moving to another state. Though they get into a violent car crash and suffer for their dad's death and get taken into a child services foster homes. The mystery, danger, romance and different lives begins to these two young women....

Author on the right side of picture-Lydia Kang

         After the crash and the terrible news of their father, they get sent to the future to the year of 2150 where everything changes for them. It begins at this child services home that they get tested for DNA and have to fill out and sign different type of paper work. And after some extreme results, a strange and sad adventure to Dyl and Zel, besides getting sent to get a family. And this all had to do with some extreme laws against genetics in that time. Find out the twists and turns of this book by checking it out in your neighborhood library or by buying it!
        Some strengths of this book were the easy twist and thrilling ride that the book gets you hooked on and the creative imagination it tends to take you too. On the other hand this book has it's weaknesses of using more strong and challenging vocabulary words that some young adults would not be able to comprehend. The book is already very hard to track because of all the turns and twists it takes you through so having more harder vocabulary is a little depth. There are many people that would love reading it so why not try and read it yourself. Remember you can't control your life!
"Book review" by Evelyn Lopez


Laura Elizabeth said...

Great assessment of the novel. Your summary left me a little wanting at times, it's hard to not spoil a book that's covered in twists, but if you're going to mention specifics you need to explain them a little. The one that bothered me was the time travel... Why did the girls go to the future when their dad died, is it as simple as because there were more foster families there? I don't know if it is but that wouldn't have spoiled much, and if the real answer would just leave that part out... Because right now it makes it seem like the book doesn't make sense.

Giovani Toledo said...

I would have to say that I am a little lost as well. The circumstances of the young girl's adventure seem unclear to me. Also, we can't control life? I don't know if I would agree with that. If I were to teach a class, I would want to encourage ideas of responsibility and autonomy. Doing the opposite, in my opinion, might have negative psycho-cultural implications.