Wednesday, April 30, 2014

An amazing part of history is giving in this book and the extraordinary stories of people who survived the holocaust is illustrated in such a heart touching way. Bascomb story is in regards a group of spies that are sent out to catch all the officers that committed such heinous crimes against Jews and other minorities in Germany. These spies would go all over the world to catch these officers that fled when they were being prosecuted in world war II. Eichmann was one of the many officers that was being hunted. His job was to get all the Jews to one place and have them shipped to concentration camps. Many Jews did not resist this, because Eichmann would tell them lies like they were going to a place where they can work and their children would go to a good school. These people were then disappointed as they saw their family being separated and then having to go through all the suffering in the camps. The book is very suspenseful, which makes it a great kind of mystery. At times it did seem like the story slowed down as they were explaining some of the spies actions, but overall an extremely good book. Instead of reading history books this would give a more interesting way of learning about the war and the after math. Emotionally students, in my opinion will have a clear understanding of the situation and it would be as good of a book as The Diary of Anne Frank because it is very touching. This book also offers pictures, which to me is always fun to put a face to the characters. This link allows you to look at more pictures about the characters.   Overall I would agree to recommend this for teachers to use in their classroom to teach about the holocaust and the after math. This gives detail information about how many of the top commanders in charge of the death of eleven million people including six million Jews were captured.      

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