Tuesday, April 22, 2014

   Wilhelmina, Will for short is a creative soul. Will is an artistic girl living with her aunt who runs an antique store that was owned by her grandmother. She helps her aunt with the store whenever she can but her life wasn’t always like this. About a year ago Will moved in with her aunt Ella, after her mother and father died tragically and suddenly. Her aunt Ella is all she has left. Will has yet come to terms about her parents death, she pretty much ignores that it happened.

School just ended for the summer and Will planned on spending a quiet summer with her friends and helping her aunt out with the shop. You also learn her passion for making lamps but you find out that her passion for lambs is because she is afraid of the dark.

Unfortunately for Will she doesn't get her quiet summer but a very eventful one. She meets a group of teens that are playing a carnival and her and her friends decide to help but than a storm named Whitney hits her town making the power go out for days. Now she is left to confront her fear of the dark and to face the reality that her parents are never coming back and fall in love all at the same.

Will & Whit by Laura Lee Gulledge is a great graphic novel. It is well drawn and a story that many teens can relate to. One of the main themes of the story is learning how to cope with death. I think this is a great novel for middle school and high school. Death unfortunately is something everyone can pretty much relate to. I found this great blog that a teacher had her students read the book than as an activity they made their own small graphic novel. 

I also find this website that the author talks about how she came up with the cover. I thought it would be a great activity for students to write down what they think the story is going to be about before they read it. I honestly thought it was going to be a love story but I was wrong. I think this would be a great lesson for students not to judge a book by its cover.

Here is a great trailer of the book for you guys to check out as well.

I found this book that can be useful for teachers to read to learn about grief and healing. I think it is good to be prepared because you never know when you will have a student experience a loss in their life.

Page by Paige is also a graphic novel by Laura Lee Gulledge. This novel was compared to Will & Whit in many blogs I found.

Overall I think this a great quick read for teens and teachers. It is face pace with a great story line. The graphics in the book are great and will keep your attention the whole time. It will also make you want summer to get here faster!                                                                   

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