Friday, April 25, 2014

Tiger Eyes Judy Blume

Judy Blume (author of book Tiger Eyes)

This book was written by Judy Blume and mostly because she lost her father as well as the main character in the novel Davey. Davey is a 15 year old girl who lives in New Jersey with her family and in the first chapter losses her father. She is crying and has a lot of pain and sees her dad's body inside the coffin. Then after this horrifying tragedy, her mother decides to move to Los Alamos, New Mexico with her daughter Davey and son Jason.  

Davey has an aunt and uncle who lived in New Mexico and flew to her father's funeral. After a few months, the aunt Bitsy and Uncle Walter both pick them up from the airport of New Mexico, and now live with each other as a big family. Davey then meets a guy named Wolf at a canyon and helps her way out of the canyon. Davey says her name is Tiger, and they become very good friends. Wolf is the only person who understands her and helps her overcome fear, guilt, anger, and denial. And one day, Davey can see the same suffer in Wolf, since Wolf's dad is in a comma but why not read more about the adventure and never seeing of Davey and Wolf.
Book Review made by: Evelyn Lopez
This book is an extraordinary novel/story for all young adult literature people, who will love the book. It is a very detailed, sad, funny and interesting story about a young 15 year old girl whose father dies. This young girl lives a hard and rough life without her father and different changes in New Mexico. Though besides all the affects, she is a strong girl who meets Wolf the only guy who understands her and helps her overcome all of her fears.


Sarah Millen said...

Hi, Evelyn,

It’s always interesting to see the connection between author and her characters. Did Judy Blume base her character of Davey on herself? Or did she just toss a little bit of her personal loss into the character? I’ll bet it was somewhat cathartic for Judy to relay the emotions that she likely felt at the time of her loss through Davey.

What particular traits of young adult literature does Tiger Eyes have that appeal to adolescent readers? What about the story do you think might be relatable for students? Is this a love story as well? (With Davey and Wolf, I mean) Or are they just friends? Does Davey call herself Tiger in an attempt to break from her tragic past?

This seems like an interesting text. I’m interested to research it a bit. :)


Giovani Toledo said...

How could this tie in with a middle school audience? It seems like it addresses some very solemn themes but you did not address how it could be incorporated in a classroom?