Sunday, December 6, 2009

Take Me Back! A Whirlwind Trip through History

Have you ever thought about what Napolean’s Facebook profile would look like? Or, wondered what Catherine the Great’s life story would say if it were a comic strip? Look no further than Take Me Back: A Trip through History. In just under 300 pages, this book covers over 4.5 million years of world history in a hilariously entertaining way for the modern young adult reader. Whether it is picking a homo habilis out of a suspect line-up, browsing the “Imperial Rome High School Yearbook,” or visiting “Alex the Great’s Official Fansite,” the reader is sure to have one or two laughs while reading this colorful, fact-filled, and action-packed rendition of world history.
In addition to its chronological description of historical events, Take Me Back also includes sections such as “Curious Quotes,” “Looney Leaders,” and “Listory” which all help to make it a fun and accessible read. This book would appeal to a both female and male audience anywhere from 11 – 18 years old. The brightly colored pages, interesting text, and collaged pictures make this book interesting and interactive.

Although this book would not be a great history textbook on its own, it would provide a lot of great supplemental pages for history learning activities and games. The interactive pages on religion such as Buddhism and Hinduism, I think would be especially beneficial in the classroom to help students understand these ancient religions from a modern perspective.

If this book appeals to you, please also check out another book called Do Not Open all about hidden secrets of the past by the same publisher.


schenieka hoskins said...

I think it is wonderful that such a thing like history can be made fun as in this book. I also agree that this book would be a great addition to any history class. Moreover, I think being that the book is graphic, young readers would have more of a pleasurable time reading it. Young readers typically deem subjects as history as boring, so hopefully a book of this magnitude would liven things up. Also, I think it is excellent that serious and controversial topics such as religion can be discussed in a playful structure. This is important because classroom is more diversified meaning many various beliefs in one room. Therefore, the relaxed and playful tone in which you describe would make dreaded topics such as history and religion more easy to discuss!

averch said...

This looks like a great book that I can use in my history classes as a resource. There needs to be more books that have detailed graphics in it for student's who cannot read at their grade level. LOVE IT! (and probably will go and buy it)

averch said...

This looks like a great book that I can use in my history classes as a resource. There needs to be more books that have detailed graphics in it for student's who cannot read at their grade level. LOVE IT! (and probably will go and buy it)

Amy said...

This books seems awesome! History is amazing, but not many people enjoy reading a text book. This sounds like it would make an excellent resource to be included in a text set. Its interactive, colorful and "fun" format would attract reluctant readers. While text books are informative, I think it's important to provide other ways to help kids learn. Thanks for sharing!

Andra said...

Boy do I wish there had been a book like this when I was growing up. Or if there was, I wish my teacher had used it. I disliked history class growing up. I found it to be boring and while I knew it impacted my life, I struggled to make direct connections with it. I think this book would help students make connections with history while learning about it in an entertaining way. Colors are also great! The sample page you included looks way more interesting than any history textbook I have ever seen. A teacher could use this book in English class while students focused on different events from history in their social studies class. Students could also create their own book about more recent events. This would encourage students to work on their writing skills and their creativity.

I look forward to reading this book!


Krystal Tanami said...

I have this book and it is awesome. I agree that it isn't a text book but on it own it is a great way to get someone who thinks history is boring and make it fun for them.

radcinbad said...


This seems like a really awesome book, and definitely one I would have enjoyed when I was younger. I remember really liking the Eyewitness Series of books, which covered almost every subject including history, science, and nature. They were like a museum in a book, and were made up primary of real-life photos and captions to accompany informational text. The visual images were cool because I could examine them while reading about them.
What's really funny is I just googled both Take Me Back and the Eyewitness Series and found they are by the same publisher (DK Publishing.) I guess they really adhere to the visual learner!
I think that my memory of similarly formatted books to this one, (which I remember from 3rd grade) is evidence that "picture books" like Take Me Back can be influential/effective.
Take Me Back goes ever farther than the books I remember and provides opportunity for interaction. It also gives readers information all in one book, and is broader than the individualized series of visual Eyewitness books. I think it teaches History in a memorable way and would be a great book to keep in the classroom.

Alex H. said...

This looks like a great book. I will definitely buy it for my daughter, she hates history class and tells me that it's boring. I like the big, bright colorful illustrations and hopefully she will to.