Saturday, December 5, 2009


Love, action, supernatural powers and adventure all in one book? Yes, Graceling by Kristin Cashore has it all. In this book Katsa is what is called a graceling, someone with a particular supernatural gift. Not everyone who lives in the kingdom of Middluns, or any of the other seven Kingdoms are gracelings, but Katsa is easily distinguished as a graceling by her eyes, one is blue and the other green. Katsa has a very rare grace, she finds out when she is eight years old that she is graced with killing when she accidently kills a cousin of hers who was touching her in an uncomfortable manner. Katsa is isolated from much of society is used by her uncle, the king. He uses her as a weapon to help protect his kingdom. Katsa accepts her life as it is until she meets Po. They become friends and soon lovers. Po’s grace is combat fighting. He and Katsa train together and she ends up leaving the kingdom and her uncle. They go on an adventure together in search of his family. In a surprising twist, Po ends up losing his sight in battle and he and Katsa do not end up getting married as they are expected to in the book.

This was a very exciting and thrilling book that I think would captivate the minds of young adults. One thing about this book is that the theme of friendship was so strong. There were also many other positive themes in the book that would be good for young adult readers. First of all the main character was a female with supernatural powers. She was only ten years old for the majority of the novel, an adolescent heroine is not what you read about most of the time. The book shows that women can be strong also. Katsa was a very independent girl, there are many times when she stands up for herself and shows that she is in control of herself. Another theme that is good for readers to pick up on is the fact that you should never give up. It is controversial rather this book is appropriate for readers of younger that teenage because there is sex in the book. I personally think that the sex was described in such minor detail that it should not be an issue that prevents teens to be able to read this book. It was very exciting and fast paced and makes you want to keep reading.


Alex H. said...

This sounds like an interesting book for YA. A little fantasy and romance always captures the imagination and one's full attention.Does she ever find her place in the magical world?

Krystal Tanami said...

I read this with my niece not to long ago and really enjoyed it. I hope that there will be a sequel because I wanted more.