Sunday, December 6, 2009


Have you ever loved somebody that didn't even know you existed? That's how Zachary feels everyday. He has watched Miranda from afar, she is different than the others. When you are in love, your thoughts and actions are influenced by your emotions- sometimes a very dangerous thing. Zachary's love for Miranda clouds his judgement, he goes out of his way to ensure her safety and well being. Did I mention that Zachary is Miranda's Guardian Angel?

One night, Miranda and her friend head through a cemetary on their way to meet some boys-an idea that Miranda wasn't too keen on. Bored and uninterested, Miranda slows down and eventually is lost.
Dark and alone, Zachary sees Miranda only steps away from danger. He makes a quick decision and decides to break rules. He unveils himself to Miranda in an effort to save her; the moment he does so, he is stripped of his wings and is fated to life as a mortal.

Simultaneously, Miranda is captured by a vampire and is taken to become the new vampire princess. Zachary watches powerlessly. Miserable at his unsuccessful attempt to rescue her, Zachary is conflicted as a mortal. He is, however, given a second chance, but has a daunting task ahead of him-kill the vampire lord. (and save Miranda of course).
Even as a vampire, Miranda is very different from her peers. Quiet and kind as a mortal, Miranda isn't quite getting the ropes. Her new celebrity status in the vampire world is very opposite of her normal teenage life. She is not good at giving orders or attempting to be scary.
Zachary teams up with Miranda to get his mission accomplished. Will Zachary regain his Guardian Angel status? Will Miranda fall in love with him? This page turner, will certainly leave you thirsty for more. Check out the book trailer video for a tease.

The book would appeal to the fantasy readers in the classroom-vampire books for teens are very accessible. The style is alsoparticularly interesting. The story is told from both Zachary and Miranda's point of view, so that readers can get multiple angles. Teachers can use this novel to open discussion about love, personality characterisitcs, popularity, and breaking rules.


Alex H. said...

This sounds like an appealing book to YA readers. I hope that Zachary is able to save Miranda and they both become mortal again. I agree, this book would be good in opening a discussion about breaking rules. Sometimes teenagers think it's ok to break rules, if in their minds it's justifiable.

Ms. Edukated said...

I think that most YA will be interested in this book because it sounds like a sci-fi novel. The story seems to be about super human powers and things that teens like. Sounds like an interesting read.

Hutting said...

The book sounds like a must read - add that one to the pile now. I loved the video trailer link - I found a lot of others to watch. I didn't know they have a movie for Speak! - If you didn't know either - follow the video link and look for it. The video trailer link has a lot of trailers for many of our YAL books - Great link!!

Lisa Burnham said...

I think we are all guilty of loving someone that didn't know we existed. Because my students love the Twilight books, I am certain this will win them over as well. There is romance, intrigue and action. Just what they love. It will be good for them to learn that true love costs sacrifices.