Monday, May 5, 2014

Mind Games by Kiersten White

When Fia is sent on a mission to murder a possible threat to the company she works for, she uses her uncanny instincts that are always right to question her purpose in the company and wonders if she can escape from them. But she can't leave her sister who is being held as leverage to make Fia do what the company wants her to do. She decides to let the man go and to go into hiding, to make him disappear. Little does she know that she is being watched by another company who can also use her abilities. They want to use her to take down the company, the company that stole her past and controls her every move. With her sister, Annie's life on the line the decision becomes more complicated for Fia. Being the first book in the two part series, what will her decision be?

Some strengths of this book are through the characters. This novel is set in a supernatural world where humans have special abilities like seers who see the future, people who can feel the emotions of others, and Fia who can make the right decision every time just by her instincts. These characters make this book captivating by having something new and unique about them that readers are intrested in. The emotional aspect of the characters is strong so it makes readers feel for what happens to them. We start to care about the decisions they make and how it affects them and the people around them.

Something that I found that was different in this book from other books is the flashbacks are a big part of the novel. The flashbacks take up about half of the novel being woven in and out of the present day scenes. This form gives more meaning to the present day actions and there is also parallels that run between the two narratives that make it captivating read. The flashbacks can be a little disorienting and it depends on the reader's preference if it works for them or not. For me it made the book seem shorter than it was, but still a good read.

This book is written a little too elementarily with an easy plot. What makes it a little more difficult was the flashbacks. I would recommend this book to be read outside the classroom on the student's own time. This book is important for entertainment purposes. It can show through Fia's instinctual abilities what and how to make the right decision.

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Olga Cruz said...

This book sounds interesting, but I believe you are correct to recommend it to outside the classroom reading. I felt there was no real connections to teens and although I like these types of stories for movies or tv shows, it does sound a little difficult to read because of the flash backs