Monday, May 5, 2014

Grasshopper Jungle by Smith, Andrew

This book was extremely comical. I am not much of a fiction reader unless it is love story, but this was fun to read. I will say that it was very confusing and disturbing. The author must have a very, very creative imagination to write a book like this. The end of the world has not been viewed in a funny way, until you read this book. Smith combines praying mantises are compared to horny teenage boys.
Although this book also tries to relate to the harsh life some teen go through as they struggle with addicted mothers both teenagers are to face a town full of violence. Personally, I don't believe I would recommend this book to many. You really need to keep an open mind and try to realize this is fiction and it is supposed to be extremely creative. The author is comical and very funny even as he explains how he came out with this crazy book. Take a look at the take five with the author from this website I still personally do not know how he would be so creative and come up with such a book. Students that are very creative and appreciate to be different would love this book. However, I was not impressed with it and would probably not recommend it in a classroom environment only because I would not be able to come up with a good classroom discussion,

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